CS Pass USB PC Log-On Fingerprint Sensor and Application Software

CS Pass USB PC Log-On Fingerprint Sensor and Application Software - Biometri-CS

Products Features

Connected to PC's through USB port, capable of capturing fingerprint from inner skin layer. Designed to establish Enterprise-wide and personal security, CS Pass USB PC Log-On Authenticator Device is capable of replacing and controlling all of your password applications and policies on local or networked environments. Possible to integrate with all kinds of software, with the AcitveX controls that we provide for developpers.

With CSFingerX that combines security and ease-of-use in enterprise environments you can completely eliminate, remembering passwords, password update mandates / policies and fear of password / ID theft...
"You are the password"
Because the password is at the end of your fingertips...

It is now very easy to integrate and centrally manage fingerprint security with Banking, Finance, ERP, SCM, CRM, Accounting and many other specific custom applications! CS-Pass fingerprint sensor and software components with ActiveX controls is now ready to be integrated to your applications!

CS Pass USB PC Log-On Fingerprint Sensor and Application Software

CSFingerX ActiveX control features, is designed to enable and facilitate fingerprint sensor integration with local applications and it is easily adapted to your software applications to meet your end-users with fingerprit security by the easiest and most secure way available.
Necessities to establish enterprise password policies are eliminated for the end users, and a add-on value is created for your software products.

This application is capable of the following operations

  • Fingerprint sensor condition test,
  • New user enrollment,
  • Verification of the enrolled users with live fingerprints,
  • Authentication of the enrolled users with live fingerprints

Sensor Techonology

CS Pass USB PC Log-On Fingerprint Sensor and Application Software

When live fingerprint sensors emerged by early 1990's they all employed surface-sensing methods in order to acquire the patterns on the surface of the finger skin. These early models used optical means to gather finger skin's images. Following to that, a couple of different methods were developed in order to sense the fingerprint pattern and convert them to electrical signals. Along these methods, infrared sensors, pressure sensors, thermal sensors, and capacitive sensors could be refered. Altough some of these methods were rather successful in sensing, their sucess were mostly hindered and their performance were below the desired level, as some of the subject population had physically or chemically eroded fingerprints. These problems have been a major obstacle for biometric identification to find widespread application.

CS Pass USB PC Log-On Fingerprint Sensor and Application Software

TruePrint, which is a recently developed technology and consists the core of our CS-PASS desktop fingerprint sensors, employs precise RF signals to sense the pattern of the ridges and valleys that consist the fingerprint. The most important benefit of this technology is that, unlike the other sensing methods, it senses the fingerprint not over the fingerprint surface, but from the signals that reflect from the living skin layer beneath the outer skin surface.

Trueprint sensors enable minimum negative effects of dry, worned, chapped, dirty or dyed skin to fingerprint sensing capability and sensing quality. For this reason, CS-PASS desktop fingerprint sensors are capable of sensing the fingerprints of virtually every individual in every circumstance, with optimal quality.