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Software Development

Our company continues its software development and system integration activities with our team of 25 software development specialists, on various different areas, in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System which has been certified by UKAS. In our company, according to each scheduled project's requirements, various software development technologies are applied in order to match the specific requirements of each individual project. Our company has wide experience on developing software with different technologies which are compatible with different platforms.
For each software project, Biometri-CS is a provider of cost-effective turn-key solutions and a solution partner that is both experienced and formidable.
In our projects, in addition to higher level software technologies like Java (Java Beans, JSP Servlet, Java Applet), and .NET (C#.NET, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, C++.NET), software has also been developped with lower level languages like C, C++ and Assembler. In this regard, driver software of various devices, mobile applications, (Java-powered mobile phone games), embedded applications of the devices that are designed by our R&D division are developped with Windows CE, embedded Linux and Symbian platforms.
Our company has developped its own Java and .NET Framework that supports SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) concept, in order to match end user's requirements at multi-layered software projects with boosted ease of integration.
Our company has support operations for hardware and software products that we manufactured / developped or either supplied from our partners. We provide maintenence and support activities, within periods that cover warranty and after-warranty. Our primary goal at support services is delivering ultimate customer satisfaction.

System Integration and Custom Hardware Solutions Design

Biometri-CS designs and develops custom-design hardware, for your special project requirements. Our company delivers complete project-based hardware solutions, from print circuit board design, to outer enclosure design steps, for applications ranging from standalone(embedded) opreations, to wireless devices, and shares its design and engineering capabilities with you.
Beyond design and development services, our company has wide integration capabilities. Upgrading previously-installed systems by integrating with new softwre and hardware, or installing new systems after integrating various different system components could be fulfilled.



Automatic Fingerprint Identification System Project
AFIS LIVE SCAN Automatic Fingerprint Identification System Project

CrossMatch's LiveScan devices have been supplied to Turkish National Police (TNP) Criminal Investigation Department CrossMatch's and installed at dozens of major Turkish cities. This project, being the sole major fingerprint scanning capability purchase of TNP (EGM), has determined our company as the #1 fingerprint scanning systems provider in Turkey.

Our company has undertaken the duties of configurating the devices at each location, establishing AFIS system connectivity, and carrying out installation activities. BiometriCS will be in serve of TNP in the future, as of today.

ASELSAN Projects

ASELSAN Projects

Aselsan, is the major avionics manufacturer in Turkey, and a prominent global player in defense industry. Our software developper teams have undertaken important work packages in 3 classified-degree military projects, for terms of multiple-years. Such a project has been successfully completed and delivered in 2005.

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JICA Earthquake Research Center Project

JICA Earthquake Research Center Project

In this project, which has been administrated and financed by JICA, our company has supplied a special system for Turkish Earthquake Disaster Prevention Research Department. In this project that is finalized with %100 customer satisfaction of our Japanese client, Java, C and Fortran languages were interoperably used. This Project runs on Linux O/S. The functionality is data collection and evaluation for earthquake hazard estimation. With a wide scope of software development, even linux drivers were developped for two types of data collection devices. System produces Peak Ground Acceleration and many other scientific calculations, and provides tha central user to command on devices at 10 different cities locally, with inputs and outputs from the various GUI's, on real-time basis.

JICA Earthquake Research Center Project

Police Pension Fund

Police Pension Fund POLSAN Project

Call center software
This project is a web based Java application. POLSAN members, are provided with the capabilities to provide membership and credit status tracking via our web based application.